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‘There’s a bittersweet nostalgia for a world that can never be returned to but is inhabited again and again through these powerful, tender and haunting poems.’ Helen Mort

‘These direct and sincere poems speak to us of young love in a way that all readers will be able to relate to. “The universe was the size of a village” Andy writes in one poem; here, all of our awkward, heartbreaking and beautiful romances are the size of a pamphlet.’ Andrew McMillan

‘These lyrical, poignant poems chart first love and loss with “the heart’s unruly compass”. Sensitive, unified and tender, this pamphlet will haunt you with its melancholy beauty.’ Yvonne Reddick

Andy Armitage invokes the bittersweet disorder of first love in these delicate, heartfelt and beautifully memorable poems.’ David Morley

‘I have long been an admirer of Armitage’s work – and it is a real pleasure to see these poems under one cover and to discover how subtly they resonate with each other. There’s a sensitivity to the nuances and music of language, an eye for the perfect image, that makes these poems so noticeable. It’s as if I’ve encountered them before in a dream and am rediscovering them again for the first time.’ Ian Parks

‘In Letters to a First Love from the Future Armitage skilfully takes us back to the dreams and perils of first love. Here you’ll find new rooms with a double bed, waltzers and “idiot hope”, but also the wisdom of recollection, calendars marking out mysterious days, all the past’s touches deemed precious. This is a pamphlet to become lost in.’ David Tait

Letters to a First Love from the Future illustrates Armitage’s skilful control when writing emotionally-charged poems…These beautiful and moving poems, like a special love, will continue to haunt you, long after they have spoken’. Romalyn Ante

‘Andy Armitage’s recovery of the fragments of a teenage relationship is reminiscent of Ted Hughes’s Birthday Letters to Sylvia Plath.  The poems skilfully & movingly evoke the yearning, banality, elations and humiliations of an adolescent relationship in a way that will strike a wistful chord with all those who remember their own “first loves”.’ Steve Ely

Andy Armitage, Poet and Editor from Leeds, West Yorkshire

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